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Old September 4th, 2016, 22:29
JonnyCat63 JonnyCat63 is offline
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Re: 2 Door Power Window Regulator

Originally Posted by anony_ View Post
In more detail what do you mean by "plastic tubing", "plastic clip" and "secondary bracket"

What normally breaks on 4 and I would expect 2 door as well is the screw that moves and holds the spiral rod inside the plastic tube. There is a metal replacement for around ~$20.00.

If the regulator is ok there should be a fix, or a way to invent a fix, for the plastic tubing, plastic clip and secondary bracket.

Do you have any pics of the broken pieces that are in need of repair or replacement?

I found this site which addresses some of the issues between 2 and 4 door power window regulators. ash=item35e037eac7:g:PQMAAOSwepJXbewF&vxp=mtr

Here's what's described as a passenger side on eBay: h&vxp=mtr

Perhaps needs to be verified to fit 1999. It matches OEM numbers for left and right side for a 2 door 2000 XJ. (55155012AJ,55155012,55155013AJ,55155013)
The plastic tubing is what holds the spiral cable between the guide brackets. You can fix that by wrapping wire around it in an exo-skeleton fashion, and the wrapping it in electrical tape. That, surprisingly, is a very effective repair for the broken tubing.
The problem I have, is that the plastic guide piece is broken on the secondary bracket, and that piece is not available. What I did to remedy the problem was to buy a regulator for a 4 door, and modify the main bracket guide piece to fit the secondary bracket. It took a little work, but it was successful.
I'm well aware of the Steiger Performance repair kit. It, unfortunately, was not an option for my situation.
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Old September 5th, 2016, 12:48
anony_ anony_ is offline
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Re: 2 Door Power Window Regulator

Hmm, a small broken plastic guide and the entire regulator doesn't work. That's quite an engineering accomplishment.

I'm wondering if Jeep ever did have spare parts for the 4 and 2 door regulators other than perhaps the regulator motor.

This type of problem I've come across many times. Years ago most products were built and designed to be repaired and last ~30+years. Manufactures would always have spare parts available. Today many items such as cars, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, lawn mowers, misc equipment, etc. are manufactured to last only a few years (often designed to last just after the warranty period expires), can only be replaced because they become un-repairable (are too expensive to repair, no spare parts available, etc.). So the manufactures (many in China) have spare parts available for a short amount of time, (such as just after a warranty expires.)

I have several items such as e.g. a Sears Kenmore freezer that is lying dead because the Chinese manufacture (where Kenmore and many other brands now produce their products) no longer manufacture spare parts for it. With the freezer being just over 2 years old, the warranty had expired. I called a repair shop and was quoted prices approx. the same as a new freezer.

Sears response is to purchase one of their newer freezers with an extended warranty (which I probably should have done but forgot, would have extended the warranty from 3 to 5 years, however even with a 5 year warranty there is no guarantee the an appliance is going to last and a new purchase potentially becomes ever 5 years) I guess my thinking at the time, after spending hundreds of dollars on a freezer it should be able to last more than 2 years.

I use to have a Coldspot refrigerator manufactured in the mid 50s that was still running, keeping items in the freezer and refrigerator the correct temperatures after 50 years.

I think what happened is over the years the mindset along with manufacturing laws and regulations have changed the amount of time a manufacture needs to have product support such as for spare parts, etc. So a manufacture will build a product to last up to the approx. maximum time required by law to support a product. Once the product fails it's often too expensive or impossible to repair, so the consumer goes out and purchases a new one if the warranty has expired. The old mindset was to build things to last and be repairable, the new mindset is to build products to fail, become obsolete, non-repairable and require replacement with a new product. Overall the newer mindset increases inflation and decreases the value of the dollar.

I think the 4 door is still around because there's more 4 door XJ's and no demand for a 2 door regulator, which may or may not have had spare parts to begin with.

Last edited by anony_; September 5th, 2016 at 13:21.
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Old December 5th, 2019, 10:13
Carl Johnson Carl Johnson is offline
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Re: 2 Door Power Window Regulator

Hey, I know this thread is old, but we never got the report back on those regulator rebuilds.
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Old December 5th, 2019, 14:33
JonnyCat63 JonnyCat63 is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2015
Location: San Diego
Posts: 158
Re: 2 Door Power Window Regulator

The company in Phoenix, Power Window Regulators, was not able to fix the regulators due to the broken plastic guide piece. I did learn from them is how to fix the plastic tubing that the spiral cable rides in. See post #16.
What I ended up doing is buying a 4 door regulator and scabbed/fabbed some parts to make it work. It's still working to this day. The motors are readily available and I swapped those out, too. I think I got them at O'Reillys.
I recently found some regulators at a junkyard, so those are sitting on my shelf as spares.
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