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Old December 9th, 2016, 13:36
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Re: What tire chains do you guys run

Originally Posted by Alaskan89XJ View Post
Although the PO specified interest into tire chains.., has anyone used, seen, or otherwise have comments on this alternative to chains?

Lot of tabs to visit beneath the header at the top.

Some interesting videos, (I imagine), but I can't see 'em on dial-up service only.

Like to see some comments, as I am fed up with chains.., lol, especially after getting stuck, and these may be the answer as they can just simply be wrapped around the stuck tire(s), quickly, (as reported), in order to continue on.

My only minus so far about the three different models is the fact that they take up more space than chains when stowed aboard. Perhaps price is a thing too, but I am considering that to be a minor issue when it comes to maintaining.., THE ADVENTURE.
They look interesting but how would they hold up off road with rocks. Is the plastic/rubber molded over steel cable or something like it? How do they handle -20F to -40F?
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Old December 9th, 2016, 13:46
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Re: What tire chains do you guys run

Originally Posted by old_man View Post
They look interesting but how would they hold up off road with rocks. Is the plastic/rubber molded over steel cable or something like it? How do they handle -20F to -40F?
Off road and rocks? I'm new to this snow wheeling thing, but when the topic of chains off road comes up, our club folks get super pissy and claim it destroys the trails. I tend to agree and just wait till there is enough snow packed to float. I'm totally cool if I've gotten misinformation, though.
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Old December 9th, 2016, 20:39
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Re: What tire chains do you guys run

Lot to read at their site, but by glossing over it, it seems that they can handle those low temps. I question 'testimonials', as I wonder it they are real. However at this site I would weigh-in that they are real, and many are in extreme cold areas of the Continent. Without going back to the site, I seem to recall that it is suggested to travel at low speeds, (30mph), as they can't claim higher speeds due to some politically-correct insurance thing.., sheesh.

As for damage; from "ROCKS".., lol, they offer a rather complete three year warranty.., as I recall. I wonder about that too. As for construction; I am not certain, but from what I think I see there would be no metals in the cross-over 'X' pattern centered on the tread's foot-print.

For sure, chains in deep snow with rocks exposed might be the better application. However different geo-areas might not be so damaging. My area does not have sharp rocks, mostly frozen mud/tundra stuff, and rounded rocks/small boulders, etc.

As a slight aside; I have traveled through pre-existing rtv tracks on my Yamaha Kodiak 400 where previous warmer season 'balls-to-the-wall' dudes have unnecessarily torn up, and uprooted rocks, roots, and dug deeply down into the turf from their extreme tire lugs making egress even more difficult for negotiating same at a calmer pace with less aggressive tires. I tend to avoid those areas when the big freeze comes, and snow hides those tire-piercing/slashing-objects.., chains, or no.

I use Blizzak winter tires which are siped big time. In fact they are used on a frozen lake in automotive racing, and are generally superior to studs. My use is for normal bad condition highway travel whether ice, or snow, or both.

I doubt those agencies that 'mandate' chain-use over mountain passes in the lower 48 would let me pass by.., even with such superior tires. (However we in Alaska do not have those safety advisories standing in our way. THEY just close the road off from travelers). Whatever.., It's smart to have either chains, or those snow-claws, or some-such, available in a pinch at the very least, or for longer prolonged slower speed driving.., should one intentionally want to.

Once went off of a dirt road with only a clear sheet of solid sun warmed wet flat ice on it, and lost steering control. Not because of the Blizzak tires, but when my 100 pound dog landed on my lap barking, and gnashing the door window charging a moose.., sheesh. Left rear wheel ended some three feet in the air, and all others down deep into the snow, and with no traction available beneath. Placing chains, after the fact, would have impossible for me to accomplish in that situation. However those 'claws' would have been easy to put on according to the site's blurbs, (especially since I carry a small shovel on a rifle-rack), and I would not have had to find assistance to be 'rope/towed' back up, (in a back country area), onto the road. In this, (lol.., off-road), example I think the 'claws' would have been the superior option.

Still I hope that some member has experiences with the claws to chime in the pluses, or minuses as per.
1989 Base RENIX XJ, 4.0,BA10/5,NP231,(200k+), no A/C, OME: 2" HD; coils, leafs, Nitro Sport shocks, T-Case spacer. KevinsOffRoad; steering box brace, HardKor Track Bar, stabilizer. JKS sway bar discos, (tossed out rear sway). Warn M8000 in ARB Kangaroo Bumper. OEM 15" steel wheels; 30X9.50 Dynapro muds, OEM 15" alloy wheels; 27" Blizzacks. Recycled oem seats. CIBIE/OSRAM head lights w/protective rock mesh guards. Replacement windshield, Rain-X wipers.
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