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Re: June Trail Run- Red Mountain, Vernal

Although I did not realize it, I passed Ryan in his big-rig propane-hauler in Duschene and then again just after we topped the the ridge beside Jordanelle reservoir. The second time, he laid on the horn big-time, but it was only later that I figured out who was probably in the truck. He texted me, but with the wind and the plastic I put over the windows flapping, I did not get the text until I got home and pretty much cleaned up everything. Yeah, I will be looking for a 1996ish body that is in good condition unless something else totally built shows on the market. Then, I would be making a deal for someone else to have a Rubicon Express Long-arm kit, extra-heavy duty track bar brace and mount, lockers front and rear in the usual Dana 30 and 35's... etc. But, let's let the dust settle right now and thanks to Jason and Terry for righting the green XJ. It's kind of like a plane crash, I guess. Any one that you can walk away from is a good landing.