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Unhappy Gas Gauge one 1999 XJ

In the last 2 months or so I've noticed that my fuel gauge goes down quite a bit quicker than it used to. From previous experience, I knew that when the needle was at the half full point, that I had 10 gallons of gas in it.(20 gallons for full tank)
Well, that's not true anymore. The needle now gets to the half way point when it only uses up 8 gallons or so.
I noticed this because I reset my trip odometer everytime I fill up. When I hit the half full mark, I could figure out what mileage I was getting right away.(i.e. 160 miles at half full point(10 gallons)= 16 MPG).
Well, now I'm only putting 130+ miles before I hit the half full mark.

Any ideas? I think it's possible that it may just be a bad connection.(higher resistance throwing off my gauge) I figure just reseating a connnector might do it.

Anyone have any experience with this?
Yes my XJ is properly tuned. I just passed a smog test about a month ago. I have verified that I have more fuel than the gauge shows.

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