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XJ Front Driveshaft Lengths...

Is there a chart or a website out there somewhere that has the different lengths of factory XJ driveshafts with the different drivetrain configurations over the years?

I'm looking for a driveshaft to throw in my YJ. It has a D44 front axle and a NP231 from a '92 Blazer. Sitting at normal height it has a measurement of 34" from u-joint cap to u-joint cap. I don't mind shortening a driveshaft if I can find one that is longer than I need, but I would rather not lengthen one if I don't have to.

I found that a '97 XJ driveshaft from a 4.0/AW4 was 32" fully extended from U-joint center to center.

Well, back to the garage. I got a cooling fan to install in the YJ today and my new rear bumper brackets for the XJ. I also need to get under the hood of the XJ and figure out what pulley is screaming at me before something locks up....


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