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Re: 0331 to 0630 head conversion question

Originally Posted by MNJeeper View Post
Ok so my 0331 head cracked Cherokee and I replaced it with a 0630 head.

So does anyone make the brackets to hold up the coil strip? Or can someone link some pictures.
here are the brackets that i made

Originally Posted by MNJeeper View Post
And is there really a difference in the exhaust ports that I need to worry about. I gone through a lot of info and some say no change is needed and some say the exhaust ports need some sort of bracket. And if it does need a bracket does anyone make one?

Yes, exhaust ports are different. You will need a manifold and gasket from 97-98 to bolt up to your 0630 head. I had a shop to tie all the exhaust together. Its just not that easy to find drop-in replacements that bolt up to so many different parts. . . manifold, cat, downpipe, etc (especially if you have the 4 O2 sensor california setup, i did not)

Here are my notes from replacement. 5000 miles later, and so far, so good.


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