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Re: Joel's multipurpose XJ build (rocks/boulevard)

Damn son, you found a super clean, well built XJ with a lot of nice parts.

The only thing it looks like you need is a double shear trackbar, which a ton of companies sell.

As far as building the axles, how much are you going to rockcrawl in this thing? Remember, it won't be nearly as clean after, ask me how I know... Those axles have some decent work in them already, so it wouldn't be much to just add some decent shafts to them and wheel as is. Personally, I liked 4.56's with my 32's better. If you go to bigger tires, different gears are definitely necessary, especially for crawling.

LS1 swaps have definitely been done and Novak sells a bunch of swap parts if you are interested. There are a few build threads on this forum. If you do plan on the motor swap, I'd plan on bigger axles to hold up to the stress. A friend of mine put a LM4 in his wrangler and his D30/D44 stood up to it for a year or two before he swapped in a D60/14b.

And damn, the motor swap in that FC is clean as hell. Nice car!

Originally Posted by VAhasnoWAVES View Post
might want to rethink what ever that plug is under the bumper.
Dude, those are bolt heads. The bolts that hold on the end plates for the Rigidco bumper.
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