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Re: Eliminate brake self adjusters?

Originally Posted by Vince View Post
Just an idea. If the wheel bearing is slightly worn, the axis of the axle shaft will shift upwards relative to the axis of the brake back plate when the Jeep is on the road. This would reduce the running clearance on the lower parts of the brake shoes. It might even make the shoes have continuous contact with the drum causing them to wear and adjust repeatedly.

I'm not sure if you would notice this when rotating the wheel with the Jeep on jack stands as the axle shaft will droop relative to the backplate shifting the clearance issue to the top of the shoes. It might make a difference when the Jeep is on the road.

It's just a theory.
Sorry I missed the last 2 replies!

Runnin'OnEmpty: That's a good thought, I'll need to check the next time I have the drum off. I had my right eye operated on last thursday, so it will be a bit LOL I'd think maybe there would be some evidence on the drum, too.

Vince: Yeah, I realize spinning the wheel and just "feeling it" arent' really 100% ways to determine bearing wear. I also forgot that about 2 years in to buying it (2007), I was hit at an intersection which caused the rear axle to be replaced so I really don't know the miles on it (jeep itself is 14Xk). I'm curious to look if the bottoms of the pads are worn more...that might be evidence of your theory.

FWIW....the last thing I did was pull both wheels, adjust the "adjusters" and since then the right side still runs about 20 degrees hotter. Since it's cooled off in PA, it seems to have affected it a little, too. I'm kind of just dealing with it at the moment since I had eye operations on both eyes in the last 1.5 months and can't really get into any kind of project with it until fully healed.
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