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Re: Tube in AX4 transmisson

Thanks for the reply, RCP. I should have mentioned that the tube -- now in three pieces -- is steel.

Here's a picture for reference. The round item is a very dirty US Nickel.

There is a curious little rubber grommet in the tail housing that looks to be associated with the tube. Its ID is the same as the OD of the tube.

As a happy aside, I think that the at-large tube may have made a trip or two between the two speedo gears (worm and spur) but no way to be sure. Two failures of the speedo driven gear seem other wise unlikely.

Lastly, the receipts I received from the DPO (distinguished prior owner) shows that an output shaft seal was replaced not so long ago. It occurs to me that the 'tube' may have been some half fast tool for liberating the old seal. Just a guess.

OOOOPs. Looks like I either can't or can't figure out to post an immage from my computer. I'll keep trying.
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