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Tube in AX4 transmisson

Ancient wrencher, but a noob to this list. My vehicle" '98 XJ, 2WD, automatic (AX-4) 4.0L.

Problem: It devoured a speedometer gear. I will replace it but in the short run I began to wonder where the several, if not hundreds of small speedo gears pieces wound up. So I decided to drain the fluid and to replace the filter. Don't want them lodging in the oil passages.

In addition, since it's a 2WD, and the task is easy, I also decided to remove the tail shaft housing. To look for pieces there.

DISCOVERY: I found a fairly small diameter tube laying in the bottom of the tail shaft housing. OD maybe 3/16" and ID maybe 1/16". it was broken into three more or less equal pieces, such that the total length is about six inches. It's bent in several places, but not mangled.

QUSTION(S) 1) WHAT IZZIT? 2) Transmission has been doing just fine, so, IZZIT NECESSARY?

Many thanks from North Florida where the weather is finally suitable for human habitation!
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