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Re: Throttle hanging

I replaced the alternator yesterday and now it's getting over 13 V sitting at idle, comfortably above 14 V at normal driving revs. So far the idle has been normal now, I may still have some issue with the throttle body sticking, we'll see.
So the picture I have now is the old tired alternator was providing almost enough juice, but not quite enough. The battery would slowly discharge over the course of a couple weeks, until the PCM would start idling high to keep the volts up, it would still not be enough and the charge would eventually get too low to crank the engine.
Can anyone verify the PCM would try to raise idle in order to provide enough voltage?

The lesson I think I take is to make sure you're getting enough voltage before doing any other electrical troubleshooting. Lots of you knew this already but sometimes I have to learn things the hard way.
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