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Re: 0630 vs 0331

Originally Posted by Dr. Dyno
Avoid the 0331 heads like the plague. Apart from the fact that the exhaust ports are tiny, these heads are crack prone especially between the 60,000-90,000 mile mark (outside the powertrain warranty period so basically you're screwed if it happens).

Actually, I believe there might be a recall on this one. A friend of mine bought a 01 used and with in the frist week of owner ship it started to overheat and go thru coolant like water on her. After some research here, I told her to take it back and they relaced the head free of charge. I am not sure how, shop warrenty or recall, but its definately worth a shot.

Oh yeah, the Dr is right on this one.........besides the low pinion front axle, extra cats........this is the other reason to stay away from the later 99's and newer.....if buying used.
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