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Re: Hey folks new jeep owner here need help

Originally Posted by Rob Mayercik View Post
Welcome aboard.

To post pics you need to upload them to a hosting service such as imagur, then place a link here.

For the decode, go to, click on "Reference Documents", and pick the parts catalog that contains your year (in this case, the 1991-1993 100-pag, looks to be a scan of the actual Jeep onee PDF, and per the table of contents, pages INF-8 and INF-9 show how to decode the body plate (fender tag) and VIN, respectively.

Without knowing where on the plate the QB8 code you are asking about I couldn't guess at which field on the plate it lands on - there are 6 places where there are 3-digit groupings, so you'd need to look at it yourself and match up where it I don't know if there'sI'm not certain there's anything in there that defines what the codes actually mean, though there's probably a reference list somewhere on the internet.

You could also try asking at the service or parts counter at your local dealer, but I would be willing to bet they no longer have reference info for something that old...
Thanks bud I appreciate it
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