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Re: 1991 XJ SE - Crank no start problems

Originally Posted by 8Mud View Post
The balast resistor is unreliable in normal circusrances, cracked or broken it is likely to get you stranded. What you can do is buy a spade connector designed to add a pole to an existing connection. Two male poles on one end of the resistor. If and when it screws up you can jump it quickly for a test and/or to get you home. Typically when the ballast resistor goes bad the motor will start and run for a few seconds then die. But it can cut back voltage in other circumstances and make the pump sluggish during normal running (happened to me).
The ballast resistor was put in by Chrysler because they got complaints from owners about the fuel pump "being too noisy"; there was no "technical" reason to have it, it was purely "aesthetics". I replaced mine with a jumper wire something like 15 years ago, and have never looked back (if that made the pump any louder, I've certainly never noticed).

Tricolor, since your resistor's cracked now, I'd recommend just throwing it away and replacing it with a jumper wire before it does leave you stranded.
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