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Re: 1991 XJ SE - Crank no start problems

Hey I have some updates from working on it today.

ECU Fuses looked to be in good shape. The Ballast resistor ceramic was actually broke in two pieces. However, the plugs coming off of them had about 10-11 volts and they both showed power when one was plugged in. So even though the ballast is broke I don't think that is my problem as power is still going through it.

I made my way back to the power harness to the fuel pump under the driver's side passenger seat and rechecked the power at that harness. It actually got power, I changed my grounding location to a more cleaner metal spot on the frame and bingo, power readings. I don't remember how much but substantial, maybe 5 and 9 volts on two of the three prongs.

BUT...that third prong on the harness was not reading power. It was the black wire. The other two getting power was a green and blue wire.

I'm making an order for a fuel pump and fuel filter since the XJ has been sitting for so long it's sure to be gummed up. Plus, I know that it is getting some power, unless there is a short in between the short distance between the harness and the pump.

Ballast resistor is $15 on Amazon so I may get one of those too.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions like benefits of bypassing the resistor or not.
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