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Re: 1991 XJ SE - Crank no start problems

Thanks for the next plan of action and wealth of info 8Mud!

I'll get a chance to work on it early this week. What I'll plan to do is check that ECU fuse (which I believe is the fuel pump fuse among other things).

Then I'll check to see if the ballast resistor is getting power going to it and from it.

Then I will do some wire following from the fuel pump up to the engine to see if I can find any corroded connections and to check the power on those connections.

If the ballast resistor IS getting power how might I bridge that? I don't mind a loud fuel pump if I can get this baby running! Plus I can't even find ballast resistors on Oreilly's, etc. Would I need to get some splicing tools and learn to use them to bypass it?

Any website recommendations on finding OEM XJ parts or at least quality parts? Kind of considering buying fuel pump and filter anyways since its probably gunked up.
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