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4600 Class KOH XJ

Hi I have been lurking on for a while now and I have had my XJ for about a year. Last February I went down to KOH and I was hooked. A couple of the racers in the 4600 class are actually from my town and I have been talking to them and their hobby has rubbed off on me and now here I am

So about my XJ. Meet Cherry

I have had her for a little over a year as of now, when I got her she had a lift and 32's. Front axle is a Dana 30 and rear is an 8.25 limited slip.

Since then I have done a lot of small projects/upgrades. Started with SYE then replaced the rear leafs to fix the saggy ass, XRC Bumpers, yellow top optima, Lights, new shift linkage etc. Got around to cutting the fenders to fit my Dick Cepek 35's

Oh somewhere in there I painted my grill

So as it sits now

I have not done anything huge to it but I have big plans. Although I have an idea of what I want, this is going to be a long build as I am going to be a senior in high school and while I work full time over the summer, I can't get as many hours through school so I am hoping to be able to run KOH in 2018. I'm not bummed with it taking so long because I am still fairly new to all of this. I'm always lurking on forums learning anything I can and I go out wheeling all the time but racing is something else and it will give me time to make sure my build is where I want it and I know what I am doing.

Okay now that that is all said, here is my plan!

I am under the impression that to race in KOH you have to qualify by placing top 5 in any other race correct? If that is so, I plan on racing in Glen Helen in 2017 as that will give me about a year to get ready, and then hopefully racing 8 months later in KOH.

My biggest concern is my Dana 30. I know guys that crawl up damn near anything with one, I know guys that swear its the devil. I am going to build it to be strong as shit and if everything goes how I would like I would swap for a better axle in between Glen Helen and KOH.

I will be putting in Ten 30 Spline chromoly axles and an Eaton E locker with 4.88 gears. I also read about a reinforcement kit from poly for the tubes I'd like some opinions on:
Worth it? Would it help much?
I also want to truss the front axle well so it has as much support as it can get, upgrade knuckles, high steer, etc. I have not decided on which ones to go with there but I know I will want it.

After that, I plan to get bucket seats and 5 point harnesses and start on the cage. Then suspension, which I would love to hear suggestions for. I have read about all the 3 Links, Radius arms, 4 Links, pros/cons of each and I would like to hear your thoughts. I know the full traction kit has a good rep but if I could build something similar for less than $1000 I am all for it. Welding is not an issue although I am by no means a fabricator, I plan to learn eventually so I will get better as the build progresses.

I am open to any criticisms, suggestions, questions, help, or sponsorships

Like I said this will be a slow moving, long build but I will be updating with everything I do. Let me know what you think!
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