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Re: Replacing the Fuel Filter (Renix Era)

Nicely done, but I'd like to point up a couple of things:

1) It's usually not a good idea to use plastic for a fuel container, unless it's rated for fuel. I have a set of old stainless bowls in the garage for this sort of thing - I keep them clean, so I can dump the fuel back in (at $3+/gallon, I save all I can!) Check dollar stores and suchlike, you can probably find a decent set of either stainess or dull chrome steel bowls that you won't feel bad about for a good price.

2) Not everyone has hose clamp pliers. It's a good idea - got a source for low-buck ones? Most people do have vise grips, and you can approximate hose clamps with vise grips around a clothespin (don't use the bare jaws on the hose - you'll chew up the hose!)

3) Relieving pressure is a good idea. If you do not have a fuel pressure test gage (most people won't,) you can put a couple of rags around the Scrader valve on the fuel rail, and use a small screwdriver to press the pin. Hold it until fuel stops flowing, get the rags out and into a bowl.

Oh - and I'd suggest wearing latex or Nitrile gloves - fabric or synth-leather gloves can soak up fuel, and if your skin is at all sensitive, you'll end up with a rash on your hands for a few days (contact dermatitis. Nothing dangerous - just damned irritating.) If you wear latex, get the filter out and get the gloves off - latex can dissolve in gasoline. Nitrile will last somewhat longer, I use them when doing solvent work (Nitrile just doesn't "breathe" as well as latex. I go through probably eight boxes of latex for each box of Nitrile I use.)

Apart from that, very nicely done! And, aren't early HO rigs equipped with a fuel filter in much the same place? I think they kept that until they went with the "lifetime internal" fuel filter ca. 1997 or so (dumb idea, y'ask me...)
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