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Re: 96 OBD II engine misfire codes and rough idle

Originally Posted by 8Mud
Just an idea. But glycol is insidious stuff, it is a pretty good conductor. Anything it gets into is likely to short, much more so than regular water. It only takes a little film or residue to do it. When I get a coolant spew, I wash the motor with hot whatever and then repeat, I've learned that lesson the hard way.. When it gets hot and dries it conducts less. Glycol is a desiccant, if it dries out it reabsorbs moisture from the atmosphere.
Could also be a head gasket like mentioned. Sometimes the misfiring plug will show a slight tint the same color as the coolant.
The coolant may foam and bubble with the radiator cap off. You can sometimes pump some air into a suspicious cylinder and get the coolant level to rise and/or bubble.
If it gets really bad you can have drops of moisture coming out of the exhaust, often with a tint the same as your coolant color. I sometimes use a white piece of toilet paper to check this.
Come to think of it, the O2 sensor is low enough and close enough to perhaps have seen some antifreeze on the outside, which I know is death to an O2 sensor. Hmmm!
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