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Re: 96 OBD II engine misfire codes and rough idle

Originally Posted by 98XJeep
3.0 v6's in the taurus cars a notoroius for headgasket leaks,I've done 4-5 in the last year,alot of them started just as your's did..........blown hose,missfire,overheat,etc. Like yours it was not always the same cyl,but in most of the one's I did the rear cyl were the one's with the problem,also IIRC 2 of the engines wound up needing at least one head and I know 1 needed both
Your giving me HEAD ache with this, LOL, as I already have my first head gasket job waiting for me on the 89 XJ, but thanks for the feedback, even if I don't like the answer.

So since this is a V-6, it hads two heads. The codes I recall were 1, 2 and 5 so far, and I think 4 once, but more often it has been #1 and #2, say on 3/4ths of the codes thrown so far. 1,2 % 3 are on the rear side.

Now, correct me if I am wrong here, but I know that antifreeze (silicone) is death to an O2 sensor, but so far I have no O2 sensor or Cat codes and no signsd of coolant leakage or overheating. Also, it only throws codes at cold start up, never when it is heated up. Also it has the rough idle ALL the time, and smooth as silk at other rpms with one exception. He has had this beast for 12 months, and 20,000 miles and it has always had problems getting over 3,800 rpm in park, or in drive, where it rapidly runs up and down in RPMs like a really bad TPS on a jeep would do.

So does this still sound like a head gasket. Also he said it died and coasted to stop when it starting leaking and overheating, and he did not try to restart it. The way he explained it, it sounded to me like it did not run long enough to damage the heads.
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