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Re: 96 OBD II engine misfire codes and rough idle

Yes I found that OBD-II ford feature description quite enlighting too! I wonder if OBD-II Jeeps do that too?

Originally Posted by McQue
Thats a pretty descriptive manual you found...I have been reading through it. If you are thinking injector problems keep in mind that I read "If a single cylinder is indicated to be consistently misfiring in excess of the catalyst damage criteria, the fuel injector to that cylinder may be shut off for a period of time to prevent catalyst damage. Up to two cylinders may be disabled at the same time. This fuel shut-off feature is used on many 8-cylinder engine and some 6-cylinder engines."

Since the problem seems to be temp related, your gonna have to remember to do your testing when it's failing, but you already know that....hate to rule out something that tests good when it's all warmed up...


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