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Re: 96 OBD II engine misfire codes and rough idle

I have told my son repeatedly not to run the fuel tank dry, but alas Humans seem to learn many lessons the hard way. Trash in the fuel system is a high priority possiblity in my book, but if I am right it is only part of the poroblem, and is a roaming trash in the fuel injectors problem that is coming and going with this tank of fuel.
I did notice in that on line manual I linked to at Ford, that this beast fires the spark plugs on both the compression stroke and the exhaust stroke (unlike the Jeep which has a camshaft position sensor) , so it is concievable that a stuck opem FI that is leaking might ignite on the exhaust stroke and throw a misfire code????

Originally Posted by codyj86
to me it kinda sounds like it was a fluke that a hose blew out then started missing.
be sure to check simple things that can bite you too. such as fuel pressure, spark plugs, etc.
i would say it sounds like an injector, but that wouldn't make sense because injectors usually open up after it gets hot (heat + coils = higher resistance.), but be sure the check those too, sound to me like you've got one hell of problem.
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