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96 OBD II engine misfire codes and rough idle

I need some ideas guys! My sons Ford Taurus, 96 lost the coolant recently due to a hose rupture. We fixed that. Now it wants to throw random cylinder # misfire codes, and it idles real rough especially when its cold, first start of the day. The idle smooths out when it warms up, and it stops throwing codes once it is good and hot!
I have a code scanner, and I have cleared the codes, and run it hot and cold, running tests in the driveway in gear and in park after clearing the codes. Only codes it has thrown so far are engine missfire cylinder numbers, and not always the same cylinder. It also posted a single Cl-fault on fuel system #2 once, but has not repeated that code since I cleared it.


My problem is I think it is the HV coil or secondary system, wires or ECM for the spark based on some other tests ( Iam planing more tests there right now), but it started right after it overheated???

Any good Ideas out there???

Oh, And just pretend it is a 96 Jeep 6 banger I am asking about!
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