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Re: fuseable link?

Originally Posted by BenDiesel View Post
well thanks for the input guys. with the help of my friend and my electronics fsm we found the blach relay wasn't sending power to the ignition pole. a bit of poking around at the junk yard i found 3 for a total of 2.50 ! way cheaper then the 44 bucks napa wanted or the 56 action auto wanted. so it was a combo of a low charge on the batt from cranking and the relay.

thanks again
Erm, was that $44 or $56 for the little 1" cube relays?!? I need to find a good vendor for Bosch or equivalent and add them to the line, methinks...

I've never been happy getting a used electric anything, unless I'm going to tear it to bits and overhaul it first thing! It's not a "good deal" if the damn thing won't work...
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