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Re: fuseable link?

Originally Posted by BenDiesel View Post
???? is this the relay that has the power going from the battery to it?
Hey Ben, the relay that i was speaking of the "B Latch Relay" as Joe corrected me on (thanks Joe), you can tell I have a non Renix 4.0, is located in the PDC on my non-Renix and should be labelled on the lid of the PDC cover. Is there a PDC on Renix? lol
You may have blown the fuse at the front of the PDC as well, which is what i think you are referring to. It is either 100 or 125amp mega-fuse and it has a name for the life of me i can't remember what it is though. It is the master fuse for the PDC and sometimes has a cover over it and is external of the PDC itself and sits right in front. It will have battery cables to it. Am i making any sense? lol
If you have no electrical other than cranking, this may be the case or as mentioned above the B Latch.
Hopefully Joe or another Renix master will chime in. I'll probably stay out this thread as mentioned i don't know Renix, but i will keep watching, curious to see if you get her figured out and good luck. -B
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