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Different brake pedal feel after booster replace

2 weeks ago the brake booster failed on my 96 classic 4wd (no ABS 4.0 247k miles) while commuting home on I-4. Fortunately the stop and go traffic allowed me to feel the brake performance diminishing and hear the whistling get louder. I was able to exit and take surface roads/handbrake the last 10 miles.

FYI when the booster goes the brakes might as well be blocks of wood.

Replaced with a NAPA part without having to disconnect lines from the master cylinder.

Now, before the brakes start biting there is a bit more pedal travel. It is not soft, does not get worse and there are no leaks. I have tested on back streets by locking up brakes in forward and reverse as well as normal braking.

Is the difference in pedal travel/feel simply due to parts differences? Will bleeding the system make any difference?

Also, recently replaced rear drums/brakes but did not bleed.

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