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Re: Going Through a Beater XJ 4.0.

The radiator supply shop in SoCal was on the phone with me probably an hour yesterday. The tank that holds the transmission cooler, has 3 different sized gaskets, it turns out. Basically, 3 flat o-rings you might say. One of them they sent me already. The other two they don't carry and can't get.

So I ordered a small sheet of 1/16 thick high temp silicone gasket material to cut new gaskets from. It won't get here for a week.

The tank gasket that looks like a giant o-ring, isn't available either. Another shop told me they just use silicone to seal the old gasket with. So I will, with 500 degree silicone that's already here.

If I can find some large rod or tubing I'll make some punches to cut out the gaskets. I get the feeling this won't be my only XJ.

I sure enjoy doing projects like this. This one is just taking longer.
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