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Re: Going Through a Beater XJ 4.0.

Talked to another radiator shop and the guy said if you can't get the right gasket, just use silicone. I've got 500 degree silicone. I recon that's where I'm going.

The radiator is the only part missing for a running vehicle. In the a.m., I'll try and get the tank mounted to the radiator. The silicone only says 15 minutes of working time. Then 24 hours of cure time. So pressure testing the radiator won't occur for 24.25 hours after assembly. Sigh.

Found the track rod end is sloppy today, because the steering works so well now. One of those next weak link things. Nice to have a new turn signal stalk.

Once all of this is done, we want to drive the old girl around for a couple of days to check for overheating. Then pull it into the garage to take the valve cover, head, and oil pan off to find out what's making so much racket.
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