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Colorado For Sale/Wanted: PLEASE READ

Please use this sub-forum as it was intended, for the purpose of forsale/wanted items. This forum is not meant for open discussion. If you have questions about items for sale or have the item the party wants that is different. But please limit the open discussion. If a thread becomes a problem it will be locked!

Negotiating prices must be done back channel (PM, phone calls, text, etc) and not in the thread.

Make sure and combine multiple items. Multiple threads by the same author will be deleted.

Ads are removed after 4 weeks of inactivity.

This is a "For Sale" forum. All ads must have a price. "Feeler", "Make me an offer" or flat "Best offer" ads will be deleted on sight. Parting out a vehicle? Discuss prices via PM or other communication.

You must include the location (where in the Chapter) of the item in the ad. Don't make prospective buyers ask you "where is it?"


With respect to the latest legislation regarding the sale, transfer and possession of firearms and high capacity magazines, please adhere to the following:

-Absolutely no offering for sale any high capacity magazine for sale to any Colorado Resident.

-Seller must post that they agree to handle the sale of any serialized firearm through a local FFL / Gun shop as per Colorado law.

-The Chapter BOD reserves the right to delete any firearms ad for any reason.

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