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Hazard lights not working... after LED Relay swap

I'm a little stumped....

About 6 months back I swapped in rear LED brake and turn bulbs... and got the hyper-blink. At the time I didn't change out the blinker relay. So I swapped the turn bulbs back to regular bulbs and all was well.

Fast forward to last weekend... I swapped out the relay with one that is marked for LED or Standard Incandescent bulbs. I replaced the Incan blinker bulbs w/LED bulbs... and while the hyper flash was gone, now whenever I turned on my signal it would also cause both brake lights to flash w/the signal. Either Left or Right... would also cause the brake lights to flash. So I just put the Incan bulbs back and thought I'd give up on that. I did leave the new LED/Incan relay installed. So last night I was messing around and turned my Hazards on and got nothing... no flash at all.

Could my turn signal switch be bad? Could it be the new relay causing the issue? Before any of the LED swapping my Hazard flasher would only flash Left side hazard and not both. This leads me to think my switch has finally gone bad but I hate to just throw parts at my rig and hope it fixes things. Any ideas or ways to check the actual switch to confirm it's bad? I don't mind replacing broke parts, but I don't like wasting money...

Thanks for the help.
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