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Re: cav fab alpha 3 link, pics of install and any issues please?

Originally Posted by 4x4JeePmaNthINg View Post

in fewer words, what should i be looking out for with these kits?
- thus far:
- 4 arms vs 3
Personal preference really. I like having 2 upper arms, but either way you'll be fine.
- larger upper bolts
That 1/2" bolt is a fair upgrade.
- welding parts vs direct bolt on ( im not a fan of reading "bolt on", but I also dont know the true strength difference that either install method provides.
what things, based on their build, do I not have to look out for?
The CAVFab setup has plenty of tie-ins to make it hold up as just a bolt in. I wouldn't be worried about that at all

this has been a lot of great information thus far, Thank You all for posting all of the above!
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