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Re: cav fab alpha 3 link, pics of install and any issues please?

3 Links work and are proven, but I still prefer the second upper arm for extra peace of mind. As I previously said, the potential binding of the 4 link is probably negligible at the levels of flex I'm getting out of my Jeep.

If you push that front axle hard into a rock/obstacle that force is still going to transfer into the upper links. And 13,000 lbs of force definitely seems like a lot, but how many times have we seen parts break on our Jeeps that should have no problem handling the forces.

I'm not saying that 3 Links are too dangerous and that you're guaranteed to crash into a bus full of nuns and orphans. I'm just saying that I prefer the extra security of a 4 link. If I have a link failure I'm not going to keep wheeling, but I'll have a better chance of getting back to the trailer. Just like I carry spare shafts, u-joints, heims, etc that second upper control arm is a spare that's always there.
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