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Re: Temperature jumping from warm to hot and back again

Originally Posted by Tbone289 View Post
Check operation of both fans. You should easily hear the main fan after the clutch has engaged at full operating temp (around 210). When you pull away from a stop, you should hear it over the sound of the engine. Your aux (electric) fan should turn on once 223 degrees is reached.

Were you driving around when this happend, or was the Jeep sitting and idling? If the cooling system is working properly, you really should never get over 210 while driving around, but it will creep up while idling.

Your description of the problem is not indicative of a sticking thermostat...
I'll double check, but I'm almost positive both fans are working. The problem occurred while I was driving. When it happened the first time, I got home, parked, and let it idle for a few minutes. It stayed at the notch above 210 the entire time.
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