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Re: AEM 50-1220 320lph E85 compatible fuel pump

Originally Posted by b.rudy View Post
Sooo I realize this is a ancient thread, and Im shocked that no one even commented on it. But so my question to the OP (if he even frequents this board anymore lol) is did you also replace the fuel filter that is also on the sending unit? did you bypass it and run a external filter? how has this worked out for you now that you've got some miles on it?

im at the beginning stages of doing a mean stroker build and am considering the Walbro 255 pump. Im just having a hard time spending $130 on a new sending unit assy. and another $100+ on another new fuel pump too.
I'm still around

When I did the swap I eliminated the stock fuel filter in favor of a corvette fuel filter/regulator in prep for an LS swap. But with the stock filter/regulator, I don't see why this pump wouldn't work just fine.

Also I drove around for quite a while with this setup and place with the stock 4.0 and worked rather well, it just ran a little rich when the ecu was in open loop because the corvette fuel pressure regulator runs at a higher pressure.
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