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Re: 1998 AW4 2WD to 1991 AX15 4WD Swap

Well, since nobody else is jumping in......

3. From Novak Adapter's Website, and they warn these cutoffs are approximate:

1991 and earlier crankshafts, 1-1/16" Pilot OD
1992+ crankshafts, 1" Pilot OD

AX15 Early, 1988 to 1991 at ~19/32" diameter
AX15 Late, ~1992+ at ~3/4 diameter

Easy to find bearings for each combo except mine (98 Engine, 91 Trans).

0.594 ID 1.0625 OD National FC66426
0.594 ID 1.0 OD Novak PN ONLY?? 2001295
0.75 ID 1.0 OD National S-128, SCE1211, SCE1295
0.75 ID 1.0625 OD National PB7HD (72 Wagoneer 4.2, 304etc ferinstnance)

Really cool search feature here for National's Parts: Search for Needle or Clutch Pilot

4a. ECU needs to be a manual for idle/stalling issues besides CEL illumintaion regardless of solenoid sensing due to speed sensor issues etc etc. ECU can be reflashed, about $40+shipping.

8. Searching Autozone's website, they list for the 98 Cherokee a pilot that is .7518"ID, 1.8161"OD. Is this supposed to be flywheel mounted or something???
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