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Intermittent crank no start w/ new cps, cam sensor

1998 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 4x4 234k

​​​So I got one for y'all. I've thrown a bunch of new parts at this and had it running for a couple weeks and now I'm right back where I started. It started this morning no problem, ran great, but now it won't start. While running it does have a check engine light but my scanner is not compatible.

PO did cap, rotor, plugs and wires around 5k miles ago.

The fuel gauge and voltage gauge do not work right now, but when they do it will fire. Very rarely will it start with them "dead."
Initially I thought it was fuel related so put in a new fuel pump no dice. Tested the pressure at the rail and it's good. Checked all relays and fuses they looked good. Did replace one for the starter relay. New battery terminals and cleaned the grounds. And a brand new battery when I first bought it.

Moved onto the crank sensor still nothing. It was a Mopar too. I cleaned the NSS. Then a new starter. Then a new camshaft position sensor seemed to do the trick. That lasted for a couple weeks now I'm back to square one. Sometimes if I leave the terminals disconnected for a while the gauges work and she fires. I don't have a clue what do you guys think?
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