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1.25k mile road trip on newly purchased rig-- What tools would you bring?

Have a new to me 93XJ, aw4, 4.0l, 231 that I am flying out to buy and drive back to Michigan (rust is a PROBLEM so easier to head west to dry lands and no road salt in the winter).

What tools would you bring in a checked piece of luggage, to then use on a 1,200 mile road trip in a newly purchased rig? Would you do any tuneup type things immediately before driving it?

No mountain driving, but near 5200' elevation.

The last time I made a drive this long in an XJ was 17 years ago. And I had owned the XJ for about 4 years and knew it front and back.

So, what would you put in your suitcase to have for the drive home.

First thoughts:

3/8" short and deep well socket set.
Torx sockets
Spark Plug socket
Vice grips
Hose line clamps
Crescent wrenches
Needle nose
Vice grips
Jumper cables
Battery terminal brush
Spark Plug gap tool
Screwdriver set
18V impact driver and assortment of bits?

Thanks for any advice!
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