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Re: Front Brake info

A quick update:
Once again, the brakes are chattering. When I was finally able to remove the caliper, I found that the pins had, once again, frozen in their bores.

This time I knew it couldn't be rust, it had to be something else.
After alot of messing around with with a torch, a channel locks, and a hammer, I was able to pull both pins. I didn't find any rust, but the bushing that I had to install on the pin was soft and bloated. I don't quite understand this as silicone grease is pretty innocuous.

I played around abit and I'm going to put it back together without the inner bushing, and just add more silicone grease to the pin to make up some the clearance difference.
I've tried it on the bench, and it seems to work like a charm. The pins slide easier than before, just like an XJ in fact.
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