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Re: Poking my head in for a Moab run...

The Fall Fling has historically been the weekend in October nearest Columbus Day. From your chapter Dennis and In-4-a-Ride were there last year. Tom usually comes down from Canada with his wife, but he has a fully tricked out buggy these days and makes a point of not including himself with the XJ members. So, October 4-8 would be the dates historically, with some people hanging on until that Sunday. If you want to reach out to others who have been there last year and in other off-years, try MJR (So Cal) moparcyco (president of Intermountain) Floyd XJ who typically comes down after a gig with his band on Friday night, and post up in your group. I know Tom (from Denver area retired rocket science engineer and his wife) have been there the last 2 years. If this weekend is not amenable, then choose another one and spread the word.

I am writing from the viewpoint of Secretary-Treasurer of the Intermountain Chapter, but someone who may not be able to make it for health reasons. However, I am improving and if things go right may be down there at that time. I informally organized the Fall Fling the last 2 years, but I have not stepped up this year due to my health. If you do decide to make the trip the weekend of October 7 and 8, keep me in the loop and I'll attempt to help you meet up with some of the other members or even myself and my wife if we can arrange to make the trip.