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Re: Everything you ever wanted to know about the AW4

Originally Posted by ehall View Post
I think the Power mode does go into Overdrive w/ TC lockup afterwards and I probably just left off the last shift in my previous notes. I used a Snap-On scanner to watch the differences but I didn't make very good notes.
For those of us with Jeeps that have a defective Power/Comfort switch, there is a simple fix. If the switch fails you'll be stuck in Comfort/Grandma mode.

Simply remove the switch and unplug it. There are three wires in the harness plug: Black, Tan, and one with a stripe. Make a jumper and install it into the cavity for the tan wire and the striped wire. Leave the Black one alone.
Be sure to check the "trans" fuse in the fusebox as it may be blown due to the old shorted switch. If that fuse is not replaced, you'll default to Comfort/Grandma mode.
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