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Re: Chevy TRE taper same as Ford TRE taper??

Originally Posted by old_man
First off, that TRE you are talking about has a very small tapered hole. Thats a good thing because if you want to mount your draglink on the front of the TRE, it is tapered the wrong way. You will have to ream out the hole to fit any standard type TRE. I know because I am using that on my HP D44 build. The reamers run from $40 to $80 depending on where you get it. I wish I could find one to borrow/rent local in Colorado, otherwise I guess I'm going to have to fork over the $$$. LOL
I know I'll have to ream the hole in the TRE to fit the DLE. I'm talking about the taper in the knuckles. Can I use Chevy TREs in Ford knuckles without reaming the knuckles?? Thanks

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