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Re: Keep leafs or go to 4 link?

Originally Posted by Trouble View Post
And this is coming from the guy that used to buy my old parts. You should know I dont pay for most of my parts. You should also know if you tow a trailer with a 400 lb tongue weight that the deavers arent happy with that load. SO yes, the RE work better for me as im not sitting on my bumpstops when the trailer is hooked up.

And yes the coil spring had less travel. It kept everything under the body where as the leaf setup has shock towers thru the bed. Think of the old teraflex and rockkrawler rear coil conversions. 10" travel, thats all. Now if you go thru the body you can do more, but you are limited on what you can do without doing that.

Part. One, singular. Which having bought a used part 15 years ago has nothing to do with this conversation.

And Deaver's are fine with the tongue weight, you just have to specify that when ordering and have them adjust the pack for it.

There's still no way RE's leaves are using all of a 14" shock unless you have a stupid long shackle, and its all shackle swing.
I'm not a complete idiot - there are parts missing.
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