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------Part 5-------

Now that I decided on sticking with 1-tons it was game time to get a list and start buying stuff, or I may change my mind again...

So I ordered a few things... and some smaller stuff not pictured.

What i'm working with:

--Front Axle--
1979 Snowfight Ford HP Dana 60 (Rev.) from a F-250


PN D60001F Reid Racing Dana 60 Knuckles
PN 610023-6 Snowfighter Ford HP Dana 60
PN AX: D60-18.68 ECGS 35 Spl Chromo Inner (Short)
PN AX: D60-34.56 ECGS 35 Spl Chromo Inner (Long)
PN AX: D60-11.40-35 ECGS 35 Spl Chromo Stub
PN YP SJ-733X-732 Yukon Chrome Moly Superjoints
PN YG D60R-513R-T Yukon Thickcut 5.13 Reverse
PN YK D60-F Yukon Dana 60 Master Rebuild
PN YZLD60-3-35 Yukon Zip Air Locker 35 spl
PN FTD60F TnT Customs Front Dana 60 Truss 78-79 (with addons)
PN 415960 Timken Hub Oil Seal
PN 387A Timken Inner Wheel Bearing
PN LM104949 Timken Outer Wheel Bearing
PN 37759 Spicer Spindle Studs (ECGS: D60-SPINDLE-STUD-FORD)
PN 621027 Spicer Outer Spindle Nut (Kit ECGS: D60-SPINDLE-NUT)
PN 621028 Spicer Spindle Washer (Kit ECGS: D60-SPINDLE-NUT)
PN 660568 Spicer Inner Spindle Nut (Kit ECGS: D60-SPINDLE-NUT)
PN 37299 Spicer Lower Kingpin Bearing Cap (ECGS: D60-KP-CAP-LOW)
PN 700022 Dana Spicer Spindle (ECGS: D60-SPINDLE-F-E)
PN DS 706395-R Kingpin Rebuild (D60-KP-REBUILD)
PN AST-D60-TUBE Outer Axle Tub Seals
PN 716293-KIT 1350 U-Bolt Yoke
PN DS 37308 Axle Oil/Grease Slinger
PN YHC70001 Yukon Hardcore Locking Hubs
PN 48632-1 Spicer Bearing Cap Bolts
PN YHCC-D60 Yukon Hardcore Dana 60 Diff Cover

Hubs/Rotors/Brakes Stock 79 Dana 60

Things to figure out:
* High Steer Arms
* Upgrade Disc to 3/4 ton?
* Missing 2 wheel studs, stay with 1/2" or upgrade all to 9/16"?
* Brake lines

--Rear Axle--
2004 Full-Float AAM 10.5"(14bolt) from a 2500HD

PN N/A GM 10.5" AAM (14 Bolt) w/ disc brakes
PN YG GM14T-513T Yukon Thickcut 5.13
PN YK GM14T-C Yukon Master Rebuild
PN YGLGM14T-30 Yukon Grizzly Locker
PN 716299-KIT 1350 U-Bolt Yoke

Shafts Stock 10.5" AAM Shafts
Hubs/Rotors/Brakes Stock 10.5" AAM Parts
Diff Cover Stock 10.5" AAM Cover

Things to figure out:
* Leaf Perches
* Truss?
* Diff Cover
* Shave/Shave Kit
* E-Brake Cables
* Chromo Shafts?
* Axle Seals at hubs
* Pinion Guard
* Shock Brackets

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