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Re: XJsportG's "How'd I get here" build

Originally Posted by twinhauler View Post
Great build.. that's a nice parts brake down for the no spin hub setup. I still have my hp30. So hard to put more money in that little guy. You have a tough decision if you want to run 37s, good luck
I felt your pain, and still do haha. I have a good idea on what i'm doing to run the 37s, the info will be coming soon.


So here is where my mind started turning. It was time to move on from the HP 30 and go to something bigger, as I wanted to lock the front and go up to 37s. I couldnt justify making the HP 30 work and putting more money into it, than I already had. I thought about picking up a Rubicon 44 and that way all the Reid knuckle stuff would swap, but realized I wasnt gaining a lot.

- Slightly larger Ring & Pinion
- Factory locked
- Reid Knuckles swapped (keep lockouts)

- Low-pinion design
- Same u-joint & ball-joints as HP 30
- Possibly weaker tubes/housing
- Couldnt find one for under $2k

So I decided to look for a real 44. Itll have the same u-joints as the HP 30, but figured everything else was an update. I knew I was looking for a High Pinion Dana 44 from an early 70s Ford with the welded wedges, or leaf perches; I didn't want to mess with the 78/79 cast wedges or a Waggy 44 as those are low pinion and some had the 6x5.5 bolt pattern and I was already running 5x5.5.

I found someone locally, who was selling a HP Dana 44 from a 79 F150, but it head leaf perches and 5x5.5. This was interesting as I didnt know this existed. Turned out it was from a 1979 F-150 Super Cab. These were leaf sprung, not coil sprung, and had the 5x5.5 bolt pattern, even though the axle from the Cs inward are the same as the F-250 leaf sprung 44s from the same year. That being said, these have a wider WMS than regular F-150/Bronco 44s from pre-77 and actually measure the almost same as the 78-79 Snowfighter Dana 60s. They are little short due to the different length in stubs/hub, but the inner axle lengths are almost identical. Tubes are 3 in diameter and 0.50 thick. The BOM for my Super Cab 44 is 610068-2.

Model--------Super Cab-----Snowfighter
Axle------------Dana 44----------Dana 60
Left Inner------18.62------------18.70
Right Inner----34.75------------34.56
Stub shaft------9.94-------------11.40

Got it home, started to clean it up, take it apart, and figure out what I am going to do now. The Reid knuckles wont swap, but everything from the hub & brakes would, including the stubs. I would just sell the Reid knuckles and the Chevy spindles from the 30/44 setup. Since this is much wider and almost full-width, the rear axle would need some decent spacers or Id have to swap something else in. I decided Id wait on this and figure out what Im doing with the front first, maybe Ill shorten it.


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