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Re: XJsportG's "How'd I get here" build

For anyone who is interest in the free-spin/Reid Racing knuckle swap, this is the part list I gathered when I did mine. It's definitely alot cheaper if you can source some used parts, but some stuff you just may have to go new on.

PN 484200 7/16-inch banjo bolt (qty. 2)
PN LM501349 Outer hub bearing (qty. 2)
PN LM603049 Inner hub bearing (qty. 2)
PN 66297R Ford hub/rotor assembly with races and studs, assembled (qty. 2)
PN 618-040 Axle spindle nut retainer (qty. 2)

PN 615-121 (14034413) Axle spindle nut outer (qty. 2)

---Morris 4x4---
PN 615-120 or 21588X Axle spindle nut inner (qty. 2)

---Parts Mike---
PN CB66075-R Heavy-duty Dana 44 backing plates (qty. 2)

PN D30001JL Reid Racing Dana 30/Dana 44 conversion knuckle, left
PN D30001JR Reid Racing Dana 30/Dana 44 conversion knuckle, right

---Reid Racing---
PN D44101K Dana 44 spindle stud kit (qty. 2)

PN G/299-2033-4 G2 '74-'76 Jeep/'73-'76 Chevy small-bearing spindle (qty. 2)
PN WARN 20990 WARN 20990 Premium Manual Hubs

---Randy's R&P---
PN YA D41677 Dana 44 And GM 8.5" Outer Stub Axle replacement (qty. 2)

---Advance Auto---
PN 4250 Ford inner grease seal (qty. 2)

PN 5-760-X Spicer U-joint (qty. 2)
PN 36364 Axle stub shaft grease slingers (qty. 2)
PN 706527X Spicer spindle bearing and seal kit (qty. 2)
PN RC4071 Loaded caliper (plus core)
PN RC4072 Loaded caliper (plus core)

Looking back on it, I may or may not have done it again. After getting everything installed, it was still a 30 just with select-able hubs at this point. But I will say it is very nice to be able to do 70 mph down the interstate and not have the front end spinning. All of this lead me into my next bad decision of pulling this axle out and doing a 44 swap or maybe something bigger.

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