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Re: XJsportG's "How'd I get here" build

Another thing showed up from the axle swap, the driver shaft had a bum u-joint so we used a space my friend laying around. Well this one had a bum u-joint too and after driving on the interstate for awhile the friction from it heated the shaft up enough the inner seal blew and ovaled out the outer tube seal. Pulled the shaft and remembered this thing was funky when we put it in. The shaft is splined and has the yoke pressed on to it. Never seen that before.

After I pulled the shaft, these showed up!

And then this happened.

Since the front end was apart and ever since I put the steering brace on I wasn't running a sway-bar. Didn't like this so much. Went to over to new local 4WP and got a sweat deal on a Anti-Rock.

Decided to drive it Christmas parade with the Club.

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