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Re: XJsportG's "How'd I get here" build

After a couple months of having nothing but issues with the adj. short arms, I bit the bullet and order the Rock Krawler 3-link upgrade. The whole "bolt-on kit" wasn't really bolt on.

Pulled the stock Low Pinion Dana 30 and replaced with a High Pinion 30 I rebuilt.

New axle, calls for bigger tires! Move to 33s, Toyo MTs 33x10.5"

DetoursUSA Tailbone installed, after 5 months of waiting for it to arrive.

Added an add-a-leaf into the IRO 3.5" leafs i'd been running.

Here's just some pictures from 2015.

2016 rolled around and I cut and folded the rear fenders.

35s were inevitable. Wasn't a huge fan of the Toyo's and decided to go back to the MTRs 35x12.5".

Got them installed just in-time for our annual Uwharrie trip.

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