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XJsportG's "How'd I get here" build

Figured it's about time to start doing something with these pictures i've been taking. Plus maybe this will get me to start taking more pictures of stuff I am doing. There's alot of gaps and stuff I never took photos of.

To start it all off, lets kick it back to Sept. 2010 when I picked up this beauty (2001 Cherokee Sport) my senior year of High School

It stayed stock for awhile (minus some sweet stickers), and got me around town and up to mountains.

Sometime in early 2011 I installed 3" Rough Country lift (springs & AAL w/ shocks) and around May 2011 I picked up some used TJ Rubicon take-offs.

About a year later, finally upgraded to some proper 31" MTRs and Crager V-5s.

Spring of 2012 I went on my first official wheeling trip to Wheelin' 4 Hope at Oak Ridge Estate. Got a little squirrely through "puddle" and slid off the trail into a tree. Blew out the headlight and put a branch through header panel, 1" away from going in the radiator.

At spome point during 2012-2013 I went through a few lift changes. Added Clayton 4.5" coils, IRO adj. upper & lowers, IRO Double-Shear track bar, IRO 3.5" Leafs, 1" JKS Shackle, JKS, Sway-bar disconnects, Serious Offroad 1-ton UTK, SkidRow engine/trans skid, JCR Offroad Rock Sliders, and a stock XJ gas tank skid. The only pictures I managed to find from this time was from around mid-2013 and I added some RunCool XJ hood vents.


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