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Re: I have no solution!

Originally Posted by techno1154 View Post
OK. Help me out here. List a few suggestions. Be realistic.

Over 2000 posts here on this forum, cared enough to be a member, and 300,000 miles on your XJ -- you have to have tools and know somewhat how to use them

Maybe it's your location that makes things difficult -- "In the Islands" does amazon deliver to you? May I ask where "in the islands" is? Just curios and maybe a little jealous

anyway -- the above suggestions have you covered -- I'm not even sure I would be bothered by a bad tachometer -- If I had that many miles on my XJ I would know the rpm range by the sound of the motor -- if it bothers you, which it seems it does, change out the cluster -- the sender is good if the scanguage can read it

The only other that isn't straight forward is the RMP runaway at idle -- Does sound like a vacuum leak -- just need to find it then it should be a simple fix
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