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Re: I have no solution!

Originally Posted by techno1154 View Post
Some things,...little things that become a nuisance and wish they will all go away. With over 300,000 miles, I guess some things have reached the end of their useful life.

The RPM gage have a hard time going pass 3,000 even when the XJ is doing 75 MPH in 3rd gear. This is going on for quite some time. My Scangage displays the correct RPM. Get a used or new cluster

I need to get a good/better brake pedal pad. I doubt the junk yard will have a good one. Any autoparts store or the internet will have replacement pads

The engine run up to 1500 RPM after about a 20 minute drive. A quick blip on the gas pedal return it to proper idle speed. It is just a pain in the you-know-what having to do that to prevent it from creeping through a stop light.
Probably a vacuum leak, but could be IAC or another sensor. Cruiser 54 has some great info to help diagnose these types of problems

The D44 in the rear have a wheel bearing going bad. There is noise that increases with speed. There is about a 1/4" of up and down movement on that side,...right side and none on the left side. Replace it and the shafts if they are jacked up

The radiator which is more than 10 years (all copper brass) have developed a slow leak under pressure evident by having to top off the recovery bottle every week and coolant puddle on the right side under the radiator.
Replace with OEM radiator.

Those are just a few of the things that bother me at this time. I do enjoy the old girl on my daily commute or for a long drive in the country side.
Added suggestions in bold inline. All in all, sounds like one saturday and your problems are fixed. I'd do more with that many miles like a compression check just to see if it's worth fixing or if it's time to look at a complete rebuild/replace of the motor
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